10 ways to enjoy vaping

Vaping is becoming more and more popular these days.

As more and more people discover the benefits of vaping, increased numbers of people are taking it up as a hobby.

This simple guide will help you take advantage of everything vaping has to offer.

1) Experiment with your e-juice flavors!

There’s nothing better about vaping compared to traditional smoking.

You can purchase e-liquids in a variety of flavors, sometimes even at the same time!  Variety is one of the best things about vaping.

There are all kinds of fun combinations you can try with your different flavored e-juices, including fruit or dessert mixes!

2) You can try out new mods at any time

For fans of vaping, mods are an integral part of the process.

Mods can completely change the way your vape tastes and feels.

There’s no need to wait until you’ve finished vaping all your equipment; you can install a new mod whenever you want!  Different effects will provide different experiences, so you should definitely take advantage of this fact.

3) Be creative with your vaping devices!

E-cigarettes, vape pens and e-pipes are all very similar in design. You can even combine them to create a device that suits you to a T. For example, you could install an atomizer into your vape pen or e-pipe.

These devices are not very expensive, so you should definitely try your hand at creating your own special vaping device!

4) Remember to take care of your equipment!  Cleaning is key in caring for any vaping device. You should clean it every once in a while, otherwise the quality will suffer and it may even break.

Take extra care of your drip tips, because you use them every single time you vape! At least once a week, use warm water and soap to clean it. Don’t let resin accumulate at the base, or it will hurt airflow.

5) Beware the dangers of sub-ohm vaping!

You need to be very careful about your batteries when you try sub-ohm vaping.

Remember to purchase high quality batteries, and only use the ones which are meant for lower ohms. Be sure that they’re rechargeable; regular batteries won’t be able to handle sub-ohm vaping very well.

Even with proper precautions, please remember that it’s still dangerous and you could seriously hurt yourself.

Proper care is essential, so before you go sub-ohm, be sure to research the subject thoroughly.

6) Customize your coils! Coil customization is a great way to take advantage of sub-ohm vaping, but it’s also suited for standard vaping as well. Buy different wire types and experiment with different lengths and diameters to create an entirely new vape experience.

7) Don’t be too hasty! When you first try vaping, you might feel like it’s not for you.

If your throat feels irritated or dry after just a few drags, give yourself at least a week before finally deciding that you don’t enjoy it. It can take time to adjust, so you should give it some time before passing judgment.

8) Vape outside! In many places, vaping is not considered the same as smoking because e-juice contains no tobacco or smoke.

So when the weather’s nice, step outside and enjoy vaping in nature!

9) Look for new vape experiences! The vaping community is always coming up with new and interesting ways to utilize vaporizers.

For example, you can try diy juice mixing or vaping with a water pipe attachment. Or if you’re feeling really bold, you could even attempt to make your own vape pen!

10) Vape responsibly!

With all this talk about new ways to vape, it’s important to remember one thing: vaping is still dangerous.

Don’t ever start vaping if you’re not already using traditional cigarettes; you’ll get hooked on both pretty quickly! You should also be very cautious about where you vape. Don’t do it indoors (especially in restaurants) and make sure there are no children or pets around.

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